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Join Krewella at OMNIA San Diego’s Opening Night

Omnia SD SAN DIEGO KREW! Rock out with us at OMNIA San Diego’s opening night on Thursday, April 30! Omnia.ws/KrewellaSD

Ticket Giveaway to Summer Camp Music Fest

10985191_895322103860513_2103383894624336739_n We have a pair of Summer Camp Music Festival 3 Day GA passes to give away!!! Looking for a lucky winner…who wants??? One winner will be chosen from the comment section before Tuesday, April 14 at 12 pm Central. Official rules: http://ow.ly/B0kN5

Live Stream Krewella’s Ultra Performance

day3livestream Our Ultra Music Festival live stream starts at 6:20 pm EST on Twitch TV!!!

Listen to “Somewhere To Run” Now

Download it now on iTunes.

See Krewella at Omnia’s Grand Opening

150000_OMNIA_KREWELLA_504x504_Artist (1)
We’ll be performing at the grand opening in Las Vegas – Let’s pop Omnia Nightclub’s cherry together!
March 20
April 10
April 21
Get tickets here.
Watch the announcement video below. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9S-YFdFITw]

Hangout Music Fest

We’re coming down south to HANGOUT! Grab tickets here.


Listen to “Say Goodbye” here.

KrewCity: population 2 million


KrewCity: population 2 million

2 million Facebook fans. Holy shit. Let’s be real–hitting milestones online like this is really exciting for an artist. We used to feel on top of the world when our songs charted, when Facebook fans grew exponentially, and when pieces of content got a shitload of views. But high rankings and social media status is not what defines our success or our happiness, and is not going to fulfill us as artists. Because when you are talking numbers in the millions, this is beyond Facebook..beyond a scene…beyond a genre..beyond music itself. This is a movement. This is a society. This is a city. KrewCity: population 2 million.

Now think about 2 million Krewella fans packed in one city. You guys are in charge now. The future of our society is in your hands. What rights and rules do we need? What would the state of gender equality be? How could we eliminate greed? How on earth could we maintain the peace?

Half of you are probably shaking your head in doubt imagining a zombie-raver apocalypse. But maybe that’s because you haven’t witnessed the networks our fans have created to ensure friendship and safety at shows. The Palestinian and Israeli flag side-by-side in the crowd. The gay lovers making out under the neon strobes. Strangers giving the disabled a helping hand. So let’s work together to keep reminding one another that the love we feel at these shows and festivals shouldn’t fade away when we leave the venue. If we all keep thinking that a harmonious society is unrealistic and idealistic, then change for the better will never occur. Together we can be more accepting and open-minded than those currently ruling the world–it’s time for a change. The decisions made for the future are in our generation’s hands, so let’s write a better script for what’s to come.

It is quite mind-boggling to think that 2 million people who are the future of our lifetime have their eyes on us. That is why it is our duty to share this message about spreading kindness, open-mindedness, acceptance, and respect. Thank you guys for inspiring us to want to be better people. And thank you for being an amazing example for how humans should treat each other. It’s fueling every word we write for the next album

P.s. visit bit.ly/krewpix for full-view of the photo and download!

Happy Birthday Jahan!

Krewella birthday post

My dear krew, some of you may not know but it is JAHAN’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! 25 years ago, my big sister was birthed into the world. I wanted to express my gratitude and love for her, because I know a lot of you out there love and cherish her as well. This is almost too hard to write because there are an infinite amount of amazing things I could say about her. You all know that when it comes to music, she has insane pipes and it still blows my mind in the studio or shows every day. You know that as a songwriter, she is ever-evolving and knows exactly how to write to hit the sweet spots of the heart and the mind. As a businesswoman and networker she is undeniably fair, genuine, and loyal to the ends of the earth. These are things that everyone can see with their eyes, feel when they meet her, and know for certain when they see her perform live or on a track.

What you may not know, but as her sister who has been by her side all of my 22 years on this planet so I can attest to, is this; she has never once in my life let me down. Let anyone down, for that matter. She is through and through one of the strongest humans I know. She is a rock that I can hold on to when I feel like I’m drowning. She’s the roots of my life that keep me grounded. She is the clear voice of reason when it feels like everyone else in the world is screaming at me. There is no one on this planet that I would rather share my life with, go through the bullshit with, experience the no-sleep-17-hour-flights-sick-on-the-road-writer’s-block-in-the-studio-etc. with, eat my way through all the wonderful countries of the world with, wake up every morning and eat brekky with, share tiny hotel rooms with, be entertained by your ten billion characters, listen to Sum 41 and Good Charlotte in the car with, pretend to be a creepy drum n bass duo called the Harami Brothers with, & probably live with for the rest of my life (until maybe you’re ready to get married and be a mommy, I’ll leave you alone then).

Even when she scoops out all the good chunks in my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, she’s still the best (but seriously plz stop that J). And I am overjoyed seeing all the love you guys have already given her on her 25th birthday, it makes me so happy that the world appreciates my incredible sister as much as I do!!!!!

Jahan, I hope this year is everything you dream and hope and wish for, and that you are happy & healthy through all the good and bad; you deserve it more than anyone I know. Thank you for being everything that you are to me, I don’t know how I’d get by without you. I love you to the moon and back, Beanie

Labor Day Weekend Contest

Krewella Contest
It’s contest time krew!! Come party with us in Vegas (for Labor Day weekend!!!) Flight, hotel, transportation, dinner, & show tickets all covered HAZE nightclub. Must be 21 to enter… GOOD LUCK!! Enter here: http://bit.ly/krewlove_haze